José Chulvi: “We will continue our work to make the many small urban improvements, which make life easier for everyone.”

  • The Mayor of Xàbia and PSPV-PSOE candidate for re-election met with about 200 foreign residents in the Parador.
  • Under the slogan ‘Achievements and Future,’ he reviewed the local government’s achievements during this legislature and the challenges of the future.
  • The talk was conducted entirely in English.
  • The president of the party George Thomas chaired the meeting together with the Councillor for Environment, Doris Courcelles.

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On Monday morning, the Mayor of Xàbia and PSPV-PSOE candidate for re-election José Chulvi, met with around 200 foreign residents mostly of British origin, at the Xàbia Parador under the slogan ‘Achievements and Future.’

José Chulvi remarked that during this legislature there has been a noticeable change in the style of politics in Xàbia:

‘Now the administration is closer, responsive and transparent. Now the Town Hall is for the people. It is yours. We have become known as a strong government which acts with conviction, but is also open to dialogue. We prefer consensus rather than imposing decisions.’

In the section on achievements, the mayor went over some of the highlights of this legislature, such as the creation of the Citizens Advice Bureau (OAC), the Port library, the improvement to 40 kms of streets and roads, the re-asphalting plans, the new bus station, improvements in urban areas, the transformation of the Arenal promenade, the renovations to the Central Cinema, the repairs to the windmills on La Plana, and the Riurau de Arnauda, launching the Gastroxabia restaurant brand, and the healthy state and finances of the municipal water company AMJASA, among others.

He furthermore referred to “things that are not seen, such as the help we have given and continue to give to people who need it most.” Then he reminded everyone that giving up his salary as mayor of Xàbia has saved more than 200,000 euros from the municipal coffers and that “this money has been reinvested in social welfare programmes.”

An important part of the talk was devoted to the need to “grow in respect for our natural heritage” and to opt for small urban improvements and practical, sensible up-grades that benefit people rather than large projects that threaten the sustainability of the territory.

The socialist candidate stated that, ‘no one can cast a single shadow of doubt’ over your mayor or councillors; as well as the members on the candidate list which the Xàbia PSOE will present on the 24th May. ‘We have prepared a special candidate list. Complying with our policy of equality, there are thirteen women and eleven men on the list. They are men and women of different ages and backgrounds who all have my fullest confidence. With this list and with our election programme we are convinced we will win the next election and have a sufficient majority to form a stable government.’

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José Chulvi explained his role as a PSPV-PSOE member of the Alicante Provincial Government and his part in defending the interests of the Marina Alta; and that Xàbia, through his efforts has received more than 2 million euros in aid.

As for the challenges of the future, Chulvi explained how these elections are crucial because they will determine the model of Xàbia for decades to come, and stated his belief that he would achieve an electoral victory which will allow him to continue to govern and continue the changes successfully launched four years ago: “We wish to continue working along the lines of small urban works, defending and caring for our business people, improving the road network, protecting the tourism sector, so that our visitors can enjoy our town as we do, improving the condition of the urbanisations, and the relationship between our citizens and their Town Hall. We will have our ears open to listen to the needs and concerns of everyone, our youth, our adults, those who work and those who wish to. Or just those who have chosen to live here to enjoy the best years of their life.”