I renounced my salary as Mayor of Xàbia

How sad that in the absence or arguments, a programme or proposals, that there are those who try to scrape up votes by lying and misinformation. Those who have followed me throughout this legislature know that since I took office as member of the Alicante Provincial Government I waived charging a single cent of salary […]


Dear fellow citizens, Four years have passed since I first addressed you as your candidate for mayor of Xàbia. A few months later, together with the other people on our candidate list, I received a majority of the votes from the citizens of Xàbia. Since that time we have progressively fulfilled the commitments which we […]

Patxi López in Xàbia

Yesterday had the great pleasure of welcoming Patxi Lopez to Xàbia. Enjoyed listening and chatting to this former President of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. He was the Secretary-General of the Socialist Party of Euskadi – Euskadiko Ezkerra (PSE-EE) the Basque affiliate of the PSOE from 2002 to 2014.

Believing in the Marina Alta

Working for the Marina Alta means for each and every one of its towns. It seems obvious, but it will not amount to much when after thousands of statements, public demonstrations of goodwill, meetings, photos, smiles, logos and manifestos, we still do not manage to convert these scattered and usually limited demonstrations into actions. I’m […]