Dear fellow citizens,

Four years have passed since I first addressed you as your candidate for mayor of Xàbia. A few months later, together with the other people on our candidate list, I received a majority of the votes from the citizens of Xàbia.

Since that time we have progressively fulfilled the commitments which we made to you. The electoral programme which the PSPV-PSOE presented to the people of Xàbia has been realized almost in its entirety, but in addition, we implemented many other suggestions and projects. We said that our programme was realistic and achievable, and so it proved to be.

During this time, we laid the emphasis on small-scale town development, concen- trating on the little things that make life easier for people. We have been through difficult times which we have overcome with the support and the joint efforts of each and every one of the residents of our town. We have surmounted many problems, facing them with courage, but above all preserving social adhesion, and basic services, combined with initiatives to improve the quality of life in our town on a daily basis.

We said that we wanted a more open, more transparent and participatory Town Hall, and have strived to attain that objective day after day. Every citizen who knocked at my door will have noticed that it has always been open.

Being mayor, led to my appointment as a member of the Provincial Government, and from that institution I have worked hard to defend the interests of Xàbia and the entire Marina Alta. My work has generated for our town more than 2 million euros in subsidies for basic road infrastructure, and other grants, for example, during this year the renovation of the Central Cinema will become a reality.

We face new times; we have done much, but much remains to be done.
For this reason, I am presenting myself once again, as your PSOE candidate for mayor of Xàbia. I will face this challenge with more experience, even more enthusiasm, devoting my maximum efforts and energy, but above all with great hopes.

I invite you to join me, so that together we can continue the good work that we began four years ago. I am convinced that with humility, seriousness, honesty and hard work we will achieve our objectives.

Because together, we are Xàbia … let’s continue with the changes!!!

Thank you very much.

Jose F. Chulvi Español

Candidate for Mayor of Xàbia